Monday, July 17, 2006

Lavender Festival

Well I got back from Kids Camp on Wednesday... OH MY GOSH that was so much fun... I think everyone should go to kids camp at least once... (yes even the adults) Well Saturday Morning my mom and I headed over to the Peninsula for our annual Lavender Festival trip. This is the second year I have gone and I really enjoy getting to spend some mother daughter time with my mom.. We went with my Aunt and cousin and a group on my cousins friends... Linda,Kim,Me,Colleen,Sharon,Pam,Carolyn,Patty,Ann

Last year when I went all I took was pictures of the Lavender.. This year I took pictures of things in the lavender...
bike covered in lavender plants +
a chair in a field of lavender

We had alot of fun eating White Chocolate and Mint Lavender ice cream.. drinking lavender lemonade and tasting honey infused with lavender.... I think the best part is spending the day with my Mom, Aunt Sharon, and Cousin Kim.
My Mom and I

What a great way to end my vacation!!