Thursday, June 29, 2006


Wow I really have been slackin on my bloggin lately.... I'm really suprised I haven't been called out! Well our life has been sooo crazy busy lately. I did realize adding 2 more kids into the mix would change our life so drastically... Wow was I wrong. The kids moving in has had it ups and down but I give God all the glory for getting us through this season in our lives. Keny and TJ are starting to get involved with church and youth group. They will be going to camp this year so we are really exited about that.

Well my baby(well she's 10) gets to go to Disneyland this next week. Leonards sister is taking her with them on their family vacation. She has no clue that she is going. Leonard thought it would be fun to wait until we drop her off to tell her that she is going. This will be the first time she will be out of state with someone other that me or my parents? So pray for me for this time!

Well I'm just writing a little blog this time. I have lots of new pictures and stuff that I will get up here soon.

Please pray for my very good friend Derrick and Emily..... Go to their blog!

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Karen K said...

How fun for Kendra! I won't let the secret out! :)

I missed your updates, glad to see you are back on the blog....

The Young Family said...

Bless you my friend. And you are a slacker! Thanks for the prayers! Keep them up. Em