Friday, September 07, 2007

Kendra Turns 12!!!!

Today is Kendra's 12th birthday! Oh my gosh I can believe how quickly time flies.... Kendra has been such a blessing in our lives.....I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her grow these last twelve years! To be on the "mother" end of excitement, disappointment, let down and joy has been a emotional roller coaster..... but so far I have enjoyed the ride! I love you baby..... I can wait to see whats in store for the next 12 years So the start of the party! Friends from every milestone in her life came to celebrate..... The introductions started.... "Hi I'm so & so and I have know Kendra for this long" It was quite interesting to hear the different ways the girls have all meet. So after introductions we started with Dinner! A Taco bar with Strawberry slushies.....

Next was presents and cake! Then the real excitement starts..... Kendra received a High School Musical Cd.... We had 9 screaming, dancing, and laughing girls going crazy..........
As I watched these girls dance and sing with tunes from a silly movie... I prayed that Kendra with be this free when she is praising God..... She is a faithful and mighty servant.... If only we could all be this free!

I love you Kendra Jenee!!


The Young Family said...

Happy Birthday to you Kendra!

littlehappyone said...

They just keep growing, don't they!? I love Kendra!
Leonard and you have such a sweet, wonderful family... I am glad to know you all!

Karen K - aka