Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wow what a week...

First things first I have such an awesome wife and family, I have no idea what I did to have God bless me in such a beautiful way. Monday no big deal not much really happened out of norm. Tuesday. Well started off fine went thru my routine got downtown to my union hall to get (attempt) work. Slow morning, my inside voice said go home at about 6:20 and my stubborn voice said hang out till 7 or so see if anything comes up. Ha nothing came up so at 715ish I decide time to go. Key words in last 2 sentences are stubborn and I. I get to my car reach to unlock and see glass. . . Hmmm I'm looking at my window, so I bend over and look at other side and

SHATTERED. As my heart sinks I realize that my AMP energy drink is gone. I look for my GPS----- still there,ok. Wait what about my power pack Oh still there too. Hmmm...Someone stole my Bible now I'm offended I would have given one if just asked, I've had that for 15+ years and it was a gift that had my notes and sentiment.

I call police, file a report. I have to wait couple hours till office open to call insurance and make sure that contents of car and window are covered. Answer is NO. Somewhere in transferring vehicles for coverage it was missed and not caught till something goes wrong.So Now I have to find out how much its gonna cost to replace that. ($240) If your curious
But wait theres more I have had to replace my med kit twice now this makes three. I so do not like having to replace my meds and supplies. I got one more thing I had a green back pack made for camera gear....... Yes that too is gone. Yes it was full of all my gear and lenses. Value of these things are .... alot more than we have.

Due to things scheduled and plans already made, a way was made to replace camera and 2 lenses. Love Julia so much she gave me the go ahead to purchase and I get them on wenesday.

A day out with kids and wife we had a good day and Julia got more sun than she thought. She has a little extra color now.

They couldn't decide if they were cold or it was the wind.

Nice day for a walk.

Oh one more things. Kids got to see someone catch a shark too.

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Parties by Design said...

The Lord provides to thoses who are faithful!
You both ARE faithful!
Love ya,