Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well football is over as well as cheer. Darians team may not have won their play off game but the girls did well at cheer championships. "We have spirit yes we do we have spirit how about you"

Yes they had a lot of fun learning new cheers and a little dance too.

Part of cheer is stunts. Ayanna got to be a flier, she has the E and Kendra is a side base on the S.

In all this learning of stunts, dance, and cheers there are also formations.

Just a couple more then I am done.
First you win spirit....

Then you win the all-around dance

I'm so proud of my girls Mom the coach and Kendra who made Varsity for next year and Ayanna the Flier

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The Young Family said...

Awesome Pictures!

Hope you had a wonderful season coaching your beautiful girls!